Model Shaun Ross for Latokyo

“I want to inspire you.”
— Shaun Ross

"I want to inspire you," is written on Shaun Ross's Twitter account for good reason. Ross is a successful American fashion model, actor, dancer and philanthropist who has been making waves in the fashion world with his edgy, unique look that is inspiring an entire generation.

A native of the Bronx in New York, Ross has been featured on CNN, the Tyra Banks Show, and has participated in presentations for brands such as Third NYC and Monsieur Belange. He previously walked the runway in Berlin and appeared in music videos for Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and most recently, Lana Del Rey. Ross has also created the “In My Skin I Win” campaign, which is a self encouragement community that embraces the values of being comfortable in your own skin.

This past week, Latokyo had the privilege of working with Ross for an exclusive photoshoot. Ross wore current apparel available on Latokyo’s website, along with future projects not yet available. Below are a few images of the photoshoot along with more information of supermodel Shaun Ross:

Shaun Ross wearing Latokyo's Shadow Breaker in white with L.A TOKYO Harem pants and a jade necklace made by artist Organic DMT.

Photo crew on set reviewing shots.

Eddie (left) from Latokyo talks with photographer Bret Lemke (right).

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