Organic DMT x Latokyo

Once again, Organic DMT teams up with Latokyo to bring you a collection of 5 exclusive wire wrapped crystals. For this collaboration, Organic DMT joined us on a trip to the country of Japan where we selected the crystals from locations in Tokyo and Kamakura. 

These crystals were cleansed right by the Great Buddha in Kamakura, Japan. The term "Cleansing" is the idea of letting crystals absorb the energy from its surroundings, promoting a clean frequency of power to each crystal. The cleansing process is started by a host (Organic DMT) and begins with meditation driven by the host. After this cleansing is complete, each crystal is individually handcrafted into wire wrapped pendants by the specialist himself.

Organic DMT has become known for his crystals and crystal cleansing techniques throughout the world. Many have come to love his unique crystal wraps and many claim his techniques create a distinct elevation to the energies associated to each crystal. We are excited to work with Organic DMT to bring you a collection of crystal wrap necklaces with so much meaning to Latokyo.

All 5 crystal necklaces will be available exclusively on our website Friday, September 4th.

Check out Organic DMT's website to find out more about him and his art.



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