"Warrior" long tee

"Your enemies constantly strive to tear you down...but know that nothing can stop you."

The "Warrior" long tee


9/30/2015 Latokyo releases the "Warrior" long tee. As a stand alone piece and not tied to a collection, the Warrior long tee is solely  inspired by the battle wounds one may endure on the outside while facing a journey within.

The Warrior long tee is also a preview of the new Latokyo standard tees previously known as the "All Season Tee", which where used for "Balance" and "Blank Canvas" tees. 
This new standard tee delivers higher quality material, improved fit for more of a lose and comfortable wear and with upgraded details such as "Latokyo" engraved grommets. The Warrior long tee specifically comes with a hand made custom destroyed approach featuring distressed and raw cuts to the tee and a raw cut collar, also features a vertical front Japanese text graphic "私は私である" (I am That I am).

Look out for more surprise items to drop until the Latokyo first full Ch. 1 collection "Emptiness" set to be released January 2016.

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