#ConnectTheWorld [PHILIPPINES]

The idea to connect the world from LA to Tokyo begins with everyone coming together and creating a world that promotes peace. For the next couple of weeks, we will be posting pictures in our instagram showcasing bloggers throughout the world wearing LAtokyo. Make sure to follow us on instagram to stay up to date on new #ConnectTheWorld pictures.

To start this campaign off, here is Organic DMT wearing our soon to be released "Light Tee" and L.A. Tokyo Harems. Organic DMT recently traveled to the Philippines and captured some shots overlooking Cebu City. Organic DMT is a...

#ConnectTheWorld [LAS VEGAS]

Lets connect the world from LA to Tokyo.

Griztriz is a progressive model/blogger from Las Vegas, Nevada showcasing our "Messenger Crew" and L.A. Tokyo Harems. Not only does Griztriz represent the fashion community, but also sends a message of positivity and good vibes through words of spiritual motivation.  His love for crystals is evident in his blog and has even featured an Organic DMT custom crystal wrap necklace. Find out more about Griztriz in his blog.

#ConnectTheWorld [GREAT BRITAIN]

Lets connect the world from LA to Tokyo.

Here is Milex from Great Britain showcasing our "Messenger Crew" Long Sleeve on top of our "Blank Canvas All Season Tee." Milex is a European Model/Blogger with a unique progressive style. Find out more about Milex in his Blog.


EXCLUSIVE Shadow Breaker in White

For a limited time and limited quantities, Latokyo's Shadow Breaker is now available in white.  To bring balance into our Chapter 3 Collection, the color white was chosen to bring light into the dark aesthetic that was released during this drop. This final addition to the collection "The Way Of The Gods" is EXCLUSIVE and will not be restocked. Shop Here.

Model Shaun Ross for Latokyo

“I want to inspire you.”
— Shaun Ross

"I want to inspire you," is written on Shaun Ross's Twitter account for good reason. Ross is a successful American fashion model, actor, dancer and philanthropist who has been making waves in the fashion world with his edgy, unique look that is inspiring an entire generation.

A native of the Bronx in New York, Ross has been featured on CNN, the Tyra Banks Show, and has participated in presentations for brands such as Third NYC and Monsieur Belange. He previously walked...