Ch. I "Emptiness" (Preview)

1.11.2016 Latokyo will be releasing its first full collection titled "Emptiness".

The collection consist of 10 items all made from a premium french terry and quality cotton material. Mixing up the monochrome approach to clothing, Latokyo adds a slight touch of its signature red and bronze detailing to each black and white piece. 

Every item in the Emptiness collection is new and brings innovation not only to Latokyo but to fashion as a whole. Functionality blended with simplicity are the highlights of the collection giving the wearer styling options with each piece.

The Emptiness collection has been in the making for 2yrs and has already been showcased throughout Tokyo, Japan. With its release in the states you can also expect tons of captivating/unseen imagery from overseas.

Emptiness will also be known as Ch. 1, being that this will be the first delivery from Latokyo to have everything from shirts, pants, shorts and outerwear. 
Ch. 2 and Ch. 3 can also be expected in the year of 2016.

Mark your calendars for January 11th 2016 for the online release or catch selected items in retailers worldwide.

Below features model Shaun Ross in our Vast Button up, Timeless Harems, Latokyo x Knowledgefountn pendant, Trench Robe, Light Tee and Face mask.




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