Higher Brothers [China]

In the past few years we've seen an uncommon trickle become its own popular wave in the underground music scene.
With artists such as Kohh, Keith Ape/The Cohert and Rich Chigga emerging from Asia and breaking way into the rap game, there is now a open lane for artist from Asia to enter underground rap while sticking to their native tongue.
The latest artists to take this path are The Higher Brothers. A collective made in China, that have a major American Hip-Hop influence. With very modern underground rap beats and a new age flow, these kids have been dropping some dope music in 2016 along with videos that include a lot of dabbing, hype, and anime references.
Check out their latest video for the group's song called "Black Cab".
With a obvious appreciation for Asian culture, we find a special appreciation in the Higher Brothers because of their open interest in the anime and cosplay scene! Making multiple references towards anime, wearing Dragon Ball Z shirts and having a song simply titled "Cosplay", it seems that Higher Brothers are implying that their rapper persona is as serious as a cosplayer embodies his/hers character...which can be Very serious.


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