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Higher Brothers [China]

In the past few years we've seen an uncommon trickle become its own popular wave in the underground music scene.
With artists such as Kohh, Keith Ape/The Cohert and Rich Chigga emerging from Asia and breaking way into the rap game, there is now a open lane for artist from Asia to enter underground rap while sticking to their native tongue.
The latest artists to take this path are The Higher Brothers. A collective made in China, that have a major American Hip-Hop influence. With very modern underground rap beats and a new age flow, these...

Slaytokyo Japan

Slaytokyo Japan

The Latokyo and KnowledgeFountn team is out in Tokyo Japan yet again. This time we brought along our good friends Slay Squad to continue our collaborated movement known as Slaytokyo. Look out for upcoming Slaytokyo vlog episodes from this month long trip on the Slay Squad YouTube Channel.
For all the Tokyo locals, come catch our last show out in Japan from this trip at the Trump Room with many other talented artist!

#ConnectTheWorld [Los Angeles]

Here is Frank Jackson styled in our Peace of Mind hat, Kuro No Kami Jersey top, Kuro Shorts and the LA東京 Leg Shields throughout the city of Los Angeles.

Frank is a traveling photographer and artistic blogger with a keen eye for fashion. During his recent trip to Los Angeles, we had the pleasure to team up with him and capture some amazing visuals in our very own city. Bringing view points from different areas back here to connect with us made this #ConnectTheWorld experience very special. Stay tuned for more work collaboration from Latokyo and...

Protect Ya Neck

Here is Matt Black from the streets of Manahattan, showcasing our White Canvas tee and Kuro Shorts (styled with red Maison Margiela Future high-top sneakers).

Matt Black and his #SYFUH team bring the flyest of contemporary fashion to the masses through creative imagery. Follow this musician/fashion blogger to view more photos of his unique style.


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#ConnectTheWorld [AUSTRALIA]

Let's connect the world from LA to Tokyo. 

Here is BlvckDujour from Australia wearing our "Messenger Crew". BlvckDujour is a fashion blogger who artistically showcases some of the latest wears in contemporary fashion. Find out more of BlvckDujour on his instagram.