Friendship Fest 3

Here is a recap of Friendship Fest 3, the indoor/outdoor house party hosted by the 111 squad.

Besides raging the 111 brings together a variation of sounds as can be witness in the videos below.


With a live performance from Slay Squad and Latokyo designer Gordo on guitar, they showcased various songs from their upcoming mixtape "Souls for the Feast" set to be released January 11, 2016 along side their album "Stick to the Plan".
Slay Squad brings a heavy hardcore touch to their lyrical quotables and insightful raps.

Also with...

"Warrior" long tee

"Your enemies constantly strive to tear you down...but know that nothing can stop you."

The "Warrior" long tee


9/30/2015 Latokyo releases the "Warrior" long tee. As a stand alone piece and not tied to a collection, the Warrior long tee is solely  inspired by the battle wounds one may endure on the outside while facing a journey within.

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LA Canvas Magazine


The Los Angeles Cultural authority known as LA Canvas has recently reached out to Latokyo for some exclusive insight to our latest visit to Tokyo, Japan. During this informative transaction, we openly gave them a huge lowdown on what we've had in the works and have been doing behind the scenes for our first full collection known as "Emptiness" due spring of 2016.

If you've been itching to view items from our 2016 Emptiness Collection, LA...

Ethereal - On Me (Ft. Father)

Atlanta group known as Awful Records has been taking the music scene by storm. A group made of nearly 20 unique members such as Father, Slug Christ, KeithCharles Spacebar, Lord Narf, Rich Po Slim, Ethereal and amongst others, consistently deliver musical and visual content for their highly dedicated fans enjoyment.

With the release of 3 music videos this past month alone and not to mention features, Ethereal contributes to this Awful flood of visual content. Head to Youtube to watch his latest videos for "Agoraphobia" and "Bump."

Check out "On Me" (Feat....

Father "All Black Hummers" ft. iLoveMakonnen, Ethereal & Archibald Slim

 Atlanta based artist known as Father drops yet another hit titled "All Black Hummer". This time joined by some members of his group (Awful Records), Father shares verses with Ethereal, Archibald Slim with a catchy hook from iLoveMakonnen.

You can catch Ethereal in our Messenger Crew available in our shop.

Enjoy the video below!